Do not wear dance shoes outside and do not bring everyday shoes into the studio.  This includes tennis shoes for Hip Hop.  The dirt and grit damage the floors as well as your shoes.  Please carry your dance shoes in with you from outside.


Girls- Wear any color leotard (simple style), tights and dance skirt.  Pink ballet slippers need to have elastics securely sewn on.
Boys- Wear comfortable stretch clothing, or sweats & a t-shirt.  Black ballet slippers need elastics securely sewn on.


Girls- Girls need black leotard, pink tights, PINK ballet slippers with elastics sewn securely on and/or black tall socks.  Skirt, booty shorts and leggings are ok. Hair in a secure bun.
Boys-Straight legged black stretch jazz pants, tights or well-fitted sweats, white t-shirt, dance belt. BLACK ballet slippers with elastics securely sewn on.


Wear any comfortable clothing. No baggy tee shirts.  Black tap shoes. Girls' hair in a ponytail.


Wear any color or combination of leotard or form-fitting top with jazz pants or shorts.  PLEASE DO NO WEAR JEANS OR STREET ATTIRE.  TAN slip-on jazz shoes or black tall socks, no sneakers.


Comfortable clothing that will allow easy movement. Please make sure you wear CLEAN tennis shoes or jazz shoes.


Don't forget to wear dry, clean clothing to class. No dangle earrings. If you are of the age, please don't forget to wear deodorant, and please don't wear perfumes or lotions with fragrances.

Locally, dance shoes are available at Sandy's Dance Wear,  Upstage Dance Wear and Artful Dance Wear. For younger dancers, you may find at Target, Walmart and Payless.

Students should have a dance bag for shoes and belongings.  Label all shoes and attire with first and last names.

We are not responsible for lost items or valuables. Do not bring valuables to class. Also refrain from wearing perfume or jewelry to class. No gum chewing is allowed, and only water is allowed inside the studio.

Your cooperation in greatly appreciated.